My Thoughts on Weslie

If you guys on social media didn't already know, a girl on Instagram with the handle @weslie_ shared a bit of a rant the other day about how bloggers and social media influencers need to do better and be more careful of what they post online because it is affecting their followers. She brought up mental health and how young girls to grown adults are suffering from depression and anxiety because of the unhealthy expectations that images on social media are placing on them. 


Photos by the ever-talented and amazing Kaden Polk

I understand that there is a deep issue with some people on social media intentionally altering and changing their images before sharing online. I talked a bit about that here. What a person chooses to post online is their own perrogative, and that is something they will have to live with in private. But I also feel the need to defend myself and the hundreds of thousands of bloggers and influencers that don't.

So often we blame our own mental state on the world around us. I have done it probably a billion times. We are hard on the world around us and even harder on ourselves, and comparison is the space between and the straw breaking the camel's back. Anxiety is something I have grappled with for years. In high school, long before social media, comparison and fear were the thieves of my own joy. I was intimidated my someone, so I acted like a complete a-hole. I said something stupid in a group of people in passing and literally turned it over in my head 100000 times.