My Skincare Routine

We all want clear, glowing skin. I struggled with acne for the better part of the last 7 years. It's hard when you just feel like you'd rather wear a paper bag than go out in public because your breakouts are so bad. It took me a while, but I found my perfect skincare routine that beat the acne I struggled with for years and continues to fight it while also benefitting my health and costing about $25. Here are some of my greatest tips and tricks and play-by-play of how I changed my skin!

Carrier Oil & Moisterizer: DERMA-E VITAMIN E SKIN OIL - Get it  HERE  for $9

Carrier Oil & Moisterizer: DERMA-E VITAMIN E SKIN OIL - Get it HERE for $9

my routine:

  1. WASH WITH WATER. I take a washcloth every night, soak it in hot water, and take off all of my makeup. 
    Taking off makeup at the end of the day is obviously a given, because we all know makeup breaks skin out. But I have found that foaming soap and face washes have been a huge part of my poor skin in the past. The chemicals used to give you that "squeaky clean" feel are poisonous for your skin, and they strip your natural oils. 
  2. APPLY FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OILPut a few drops of Frankincense on a cotton ball/pad and apply all over your face. 
    HERE is my favorite Frankincense Oil by Radha Beauty. It's only $18 for 4 fl. oz. and the first bottle I ever used lasted me about a year! Frankincense has helped with my skin texture, my acne, and my wrinkles. It's also really great for your brain! Helpful in reconnecting/repairing neurons. (PRIME FRIENDLY)
  3. APPLY VITAMIN E SKIN OILPut a nickel-sized amount in your palms and massage into your face and neck. 
    HERE is my favorite Vitamin E Oil by Derma-E. It's only $9, SCORE! This particular one also has Safflower Seed Oil in it, which works really well for sensitive skin. It's important that you buy a Vitamin E oil with a high IU (14,000 IU is really great) because it is more concentrated and penetrating. I have tried a few different kinds, and this one is definitely my favorite, and more affordable than most. 
  4. SLEEP. Beauty rest, duh. In the morning, you won't have to do a thing with your skin! It'll be clean and moisturized and ready for makeup!