Being creative, I am the first to admit that I can barely keep my mind or attention on one idea for longer than a few minutes. And let's be real, iPhones and technology are quickly burning holes into our brains, so that is a definite reason as well.


photos by the ever-talented Kaden Polk

I think it’s easier to create a kind of headspace of being, instead of doing. It sounds silly, but it works for me. When I was in school, which I loved and miss dearly already, I would choose to be a student. What does a student do? Study, go to class, aim for good grades. Instead of feeling this need to having to do something, I chose to be something. Being a student is a heck of a lot easier when you recognize yourself as an achieving and accomplished student.Rather than living and working away from living, focusing on how "if only I could be done with xyzzy, then I would finally be living". 

It sounds ridiculous and probably a little bit new-agey, but it’s helped me. So much of our lives we wish away what we’re doing and hope for the next stage, but then once we get there, we wish for what’s next all over again. Instead, exist for the moment in that moment, and living life becomes so much more simple.

I have really learned to be more patient and happier in life, overall. What do you do to achieve your goals and get through the day?