Flowers & Fridays

It has been so dreary and rainy lately.. Blah. I decided to pick up some fresh flowers from the market to put me in good spirits. It helped a lot. While I was there, the florist and I were chatting, and as small talk does, we landed on the weather. I was complaining about how I don't love the rain and it bums me out. She (kindly) replied, 'well, rain did bring those flowers into your life.' 


Wow. First of all, I was complaining about rain, which means water. Many countries don't have access to water, let alone clean water. Secondly, I am sitting here complaining about something that gives me some of the greatest joys: plants and flowers. The lady was nice, and she wasn't trying to lecture me. Instead, she was just giving me perspective. There is always good that comes from the bad. In our current social and political climate, it's easy to get discouraged by the negativity we see when we turn on the TV or when we go on social media. But Jesus always makes good come from even the hardest and gloomiest situations. 

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”
— Genesis 50:20

Just figured I would share that, a little food for thought! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Maggie