Not always being "Okay"

((( All photos for the post were shot by the incredible and sweet and kind and wonderful Colleen! HERE is her site if you are in the ATL area and want to shoot! )))

So much of what the world tells us defines us is our ability to be okay. Whatever it cost, whatever it means, be cool. Don't feel down or angry or scared, just be happy and easy to care about. It's tough because it leaves no room for error or for growth. 

When you are just "okay" all the time, you can have ups and downs that teach you valuable lessons and grow you. Corey and I just watched Inside Out and it is such a great representation of this. Without sadness in the tough moments, we wouldn't be able to feel total joy in the best moments.

You don't have to pour your heart out to everyone at all times. But in relationships where you feel like you can dive a little bit deeper without the fear of judgement, do it. There is nothing more therapeutic than a good cry and a hug from someone who truly loves you. 

Being okay is so overrated! Being joyful in the blessed times and being resilient and real in the tough times is beautiful and much appreciated from those of us who are in search of authenticity!