Being You

Since I was young I always chose specific role models that I looked up to. The older girls in the high school, Hannah Montana, etc. I was always called the copycat in elementary school because I looked up to certain people and did the things they did. I really struggled with being scared that I didn't know how to really "be myself" like other people seemed to. 

Since, I have learned so much about who I am and what it really means to be a "copycat." Being unique is impossible not to do, as human beings. We are all so crazy unique, and there is no one that could possibly ever be exactly like another. We are autonomous, thoughtful, and different. Gaining inspiration from others is just a part of life. We all have "girl crushes" and people we wish we could be as cool as. The important thing about being yourself is choosing not to live in a space of comparison. 

Comparison is the difference between looking up to someone and wanting to actually be someone else. Comparison takes you out of the beautiful and wonderful life that God has given you and puts you in a limbo, where you aren't yourself and you aren't the person you're comparing your life to. 

Social media is a big factor of comparison. Oftentimes, I look at a girl on social media and I see her clothes, her travels, where she lives, etc. and I wonder why my life is so boring. This attitude is so costly. It steals your joy, it steals your strength, and it steals your "youness." 

Don't worry so much about making sure you're 100% unique, because you already are. Instead, focus on recognizing the beauty in your day-to-day life and appreciating it. None of us need to travel the world or have the best style to lead a happy and wonderful life. Be you, and be inspired by others, and you will be happy. 

Who are some of your biggest girl crushes?