GIRL POWER: Sadie Hawkins Dance

I could not be more excited about Valentine's Day! I have to admit, there's something so exciting about being engaged and getting to celebrate on it. Engagement is such a short time in a relationship, but its so special. I don't want to take it for granted, wishing it away.  

I asked Corey to the Sadie Hawkins Dance put on by Rose Ln. Agency. I am so excited to dance and just enjoy celebrating V-Day. The dance idea is centered around empowering women to make their own fun and create romance for themselves. There is a general standard that men ask their ladies out on dates and to "go steady." But with Rose Lane, fight the norm and ask women to do what they want. Ask who you want and wear what you want and have a blast! 

If you're in the ATL area and you are free Saturday night, Feb. 10th, then come hang with us and dance and celebrate the power of being a girl with me! 

Buy tickets here: SADIE HAWKINS DANCE 2017